Sumire Kakei, born Sumire Shigaraki, is an Academy student from Konohagakure, and a representative of her Academy class. Later, she is revealed to be the culprit behind the Ghost Incidents.

Background Edit

Sumire & Tanuki

Tanuki preparing to place Gozu Tenno on Sumire.

After the death of Danzo Shimura and the existence of Root and its actions were made public knowledge, Sumire and her family ostracized from the village. This contributed and Sumire's mother growing ill and later dying. This affected Sumire deeply, as one of the few joys she experienced was spending time with her mother brushing her hair and over time, Sumire couldn't even remember her mother's voice. Sumire's father, Tanuki Shigaraki trained her from a young age, in order to avenge Root. Eventually, he bestowed her with Gozu Tenno. After the death of her parents, Sumire became an orphan and created the identity of "Sumire Kakei", deciding that it was best to wait and create a cover story before exacting her father's plan. Sumire eventually became the representative of her Academy class, during which, she began nurturing Nue's development.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Sumire is a fair-skinned young girl with narrow, violet eyes and hair, the back of which is tied into two long braided ponytails. Her hair frames her face and her bangs hang just above her eyes. She dons a black polo neck shirt beneath a lavneder dress tied by a purple obi with a white collar on it, knotted by a magenta-coloured ribbon, resembling a seifuku overall with long black shinobi sandals

Abilities Edit

Having gone through arduous training since a young age, Sumire is a very capable kunoichi. She was shown able to hold her own against a squadron of adult and elite ninja, who only acknowledged Sumire's skills. Her most powerful asset, however, is her deceptive and manipulative nature that has allowed her to forge herself a new identity, that of a meek and ordinary young girl.

Ninjutsu Edit

Sumire uses Water Release Water Spirit Wave.

Sumire uses Water Release: Water Spirit Wave.

Sumire excels in Water Release, able to perform various techniques, such as creating clones, protective walls, and projectiles. She has considerable skill in shurikenjutsu, able to counter an attack with her kunai while simultaneously throwing it accurately.

Through the Gozu Tenno placed on her back, she is able to summon Nue to assist her, even without fully manifesting its form, and has shown the ability to create a snake-like mass of dark chakra to attack with. While the summoning contract was later destroyed, thanks to having a strong bond with the creature, she retained portion of its essence in her left palm.

Physical Prowess Edit

Sumire is very fast and nimble, able to effectively evade attacks and evade a group of pursers. She also has noticeable taijutsu prowess, able to fight on par with Mitsuki. She is very stealthy in general, able to effectively hide her presence, making it very difficult to locate her.

New Era Edit

Academy Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Sumire" means violet.

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