Iwabee Yuino is an Academy student from Konohagakure.

New Era Edit

Academy Arc Edit

Boruto spars with Iwabee

Iwabee and Boruto spar.

During the start of the new semester, Iwabee attended the opening ceremony, only for it to be ruined when Boruto derailed a train and drove it into the Hokage Rock. About two weeks into the semester, after once again scoring the highest in the practice run, Iwabee decided to skip the rest of his classes, telling the other students to have their lunch elsewhere. As the remaining of the students prepare to leave, Boruto makes an appearance, asking to join them for their meal in the room. After learning who he is, Boruto attempts to make friends with him, who quickly brushes him off, while antagonizing him over being the Hokage's son. When Denki Kaminarimon speaks in Boruto's defense, Iwabee grabs him fiercely, to which Boruto stops the latter. When Boruto ridicules Iwabee for his beliefs, he demands that Boruto prove his worth in a duel, which the latter agrees to.

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