• Namikaze Kage

    Ok I came up with some plot points for the Boruto series:
    First off, in term of power i think the diamond curse mark/seal should give him a sage mode-like boost, being from an Otsutsuki and all, and then have him hear about Minato and grind to learn Flying Raijin cuz since Mitsuki already has sage mode we can diversify. As for his jougan, which seems spaced-time based, make it extremely limited in terms of use and very draining. Boruto should also be very potent with the chakra natures that he has.

    Now in terms of plot, its very simple: 
    -Sideline Naruto and Sasuke, somehow.
    For example since the third Otsutsuki is set to appear in the series have him come after Momoshiki is defeated, realize that he cant beat Naruto and Sasuke on his own and …

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  • 00ohayo00


    August 10, 2017 by 00ohayo00

    There is currently no admin on this page , Xx.Hyuga.xX has requested to adopt this Wiki and it is now a matter of time before they accept her request. I'm also planning on becoming an admin for this wiki. Please feel free to let me(us) know how you feel about it. For anyone else who wants to become an admin visit this page to send a request and make sure you are eligible.

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  • 00ohayo00

    Boruto wiki

    August 9, 2017 by 00ohayo00

    Thanks to everyone who contributed , even a little, to build this wiki   ヾ(^∇^)

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